About craftsman and his studio

The Traditional Techniques – Suiun-bori Cravings

Photo : Suiun-bori the third, Suiun Ijiri (real name – Kazushige Ijiri)

Ijiri Carving Studio was established by Suiun Ijiri the 1st on 1935. Since then, they have produced wood statue and carvings with traditional techniques over 70 years.

The hallmark of Suiun-bori carvings have a various patterns and sophisticated designs such as religious items (for example Butsudan – Buddhism altar, Shintoism portable Shrines and so on…).

Suiun the 1st was a great crafsman who had made statue for the Crown Prince (Now His Majesty the Emperor). Suiun the 3rd has 500 rough sketches which had been drawn by Suiun the 1st. These sketches are Suiun the 3rd’s fortunes because these sketches gives an impulse to his imagination.

From small articles to religious items

Suiun-bori studio is good at wild feeling carving (not roughly). However he has sophisticated techniques and good sketch, so he can make a various carvings along with clients’ wishes such as an accessories, signboard, nameplate as well as traditional carvings.

He provided four seasons designed interior decorations for restaurant and carving of kindergartener’s portrait for kindergarten.
Also he will be able to provide interior decoration for your house, wood carving to look like your pet and many style carvings.

[Past work]

602-1 Shimonyu, Maibara-shi Shiga
521-0034 JAPAN
Tel. 0749-54-1564
Fax. 0749-54-1598

Train & Taxi : 10 minutes’ Taxi from Samegai sta. JR Toukaido Honsen Line
Car : 10 minutes from Maibara Interchange, Meishin Expressway

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